Orchid Garden

The most exciting orchid garden.

Probably the most attractive orchid garden in ASEAN was created in Singapore with a good idea being embedded via professional landscaping into a piece of jungle in downtown Singapore.

  • Its called the Singapore Orchid Garden

Visiting the Singapore Orchid Garden and what makes this especially appealing is it's right in the city just a bit north of Orchard Road everything is in walking distance and a real outburst of tropical nature colors and flowers. Although it needs to pay entrance its somehow worth it. A good equivalent in Thailand is a local orchid nursery which is probably not as sophisticated as a garden but the tropical flowers are overwhelming.

Orchid Garden in Singapore

One of the most attractive botanical and orchid garden in the south east Asia region is in Singapore. It includes a lagoon with some swans and ducks gliding on the water and a waterfall where it is possible to walk behind the wet wall.  The great landscaping gives the feeling to be in a tropical jungle with huge trees enormous ferns and an abundant flora in general just as in the movie.

Beautiful flower arrangements, among others with red and blue vanda orchids and plenty of other are set over the whole area interrupting the green with hundreds of different hues. Singapore has several highlights of this kind one is tropical kind e.g. Bird Park and the other are the orchid flowers.

Orchid Garden in Singapore (1)

Not the Singapore girls there is another species this time it won't have 2 legs and a head, we talk about beautiful orchids and where to see them? 

Orchid Garden in Singapore day tour

In the Singapore orchid garden where beautiful flowers are waiting to show you the colors of the Orient and other places. The appeal of orchid flowers is known and they are not as rare as they once have been until the 20. Century. At the orchid garden, the season is permanent, beautiful varieties are to be seen every day throughout the year, experience these wonderful nature creations and you will have a real good time.

Once the plants were only available in hot and exotic regions, now they are available in almost every country. But to experience these beautiful flowers in the right way it still needs to visit one of the tropical gardens. Of course, you can buy orchids via internet mail order today to decorate your home, for sure a great idea, but to visit a garden or a nursery has a different dimension with several thousand beautiful flowers in a great jungle setting, the next best thing is to visit a big orchid nursery. 

  • Orchids always have been among the rarest types of flowers.

Because of orchid hybrids luckily they are not as rare these days and everyone can afford to buy and grow them. There are around twenty-five thousand different species of orchids and you can see them partly at the orchid garden. 

Sometimes it is difficult to keep all the different plants apart since many look quite similar, it's easy to see the difference between a vanda orchid and a dendrobium but with plenty of other orchid flowers it gets difficult, here they have small cards where the name of the flower is written so no problems with identification.