Pantip Plaza Bangkok Shopping

IT Shopping at Pantip Plaza Bangkok.

Where is best IT shopping in Bangkok the answer is simple travel to Pantip Plaza and you will experience a gigantic assembly of computer stores and mobile phones plus accessories electronic and digital cameras and everything around this theme.

Best IT Shopping in Bangkok.

IT shopping Bangkok at Pantip Plaza

Searching for electronics no matter which one you probably find it here including some people who can get you information in English language. 

It needs to understand the Thai approach to selling goods which is they want to sell only they are not interested to answer questions actually most people wont speak English anyway. To find a shop at Pantip Plaza were they speak English watch out for an Indian guy in the store they usually can speak others don't or speak "Thaiglish" which is a local mixture of everything.

  • Bkk Pantip Plaza Shops.

Bkk Pantip Plaza Shops  are the definitely to best if you need some expert information on electronic and IT equipment plus all around this theme that's the place to go. There is another reason to go shopping at Pantip Plaza and this is software for computers of every type this goes on since many years and most software sold here is illegal although the Thai authorities are continuously pushed by some US agencies  to close that down. 

Pantip Plaza Bangkok is not the biggest IT mall in Thailand but here is the most diverse selection and expertise.

Everything is available from business software to Photoshop entertainment porn and whatever just walk through they will run after you at the first floor but the best assorted shops on this subject are at the entrance level actually it needs a little walk around at Pantip Plaza Bangkok to find the "real thing" but many good deals are possible.

  • IT electronics Shopping in Bangkok.

Bkk Pantip Plaza IT shopping mall  with hundreds of shops around the electronic camera and accessories theme. 

  • Searching for cheap software?

Want cheap software? have a look in the shops at entrance level but try it the same day to make sure it will work since most are flimsy copies there is no problem to return and change the items. 

  • Roaming in Bangkok for best shopping ?
When moving around in the capital use the BTS (elevated train) its the fasted and less troublesome transportation system in Bangkok City. There is also a underground which complements your shopping trip experience use the link above for a Bangkok transportation map.
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