Pattaya and the Beach

Pattaya City and the Beaches

The location of Pattaya and the Beaches around is very convenient since it is only about 120 km south of Bangkok and the motorway is in good condition means road travel in this part of Thailand is rather easy. 

Offshore are a couple of interesting islands which are especially popular for day trippers from Bangkok and internationally from China. Actually currently (2018) Chinese tourists are the most in Thailand and Cambodia plus Laos actually they are overwhelming the ASEAN countries or south east Asia in the tourist business.

Pattaya Beaches

Pattaya beach road nightlife
Pattaya Beach Road Nightlife (1)

Pattaya has all the positive (and negative) sides why holidaymaker come to Thailand and most get happy there. 

Many with the nightlife and it wont matter if you are women/girls oriented or men or lady-boys which are in fact Asian Transvestites (AT)  since everything is money and pleasure orientated. But in terms of "sexy business" currently (2018) Pattaya is even less attractive than Danok in south-Thailand at the border to Malaysia which is a reinvention of the crazy time in Bangkok during the 90 ties actually the guys from Malaysia really like it.

Thailand is not only a country known for smiles but also known as untamed greed after money which is nothing new since by origin they are Chines which came from China (together with the Shan of today Myanmar about 2000 years ago. The photo in blue is a cut open VW camping bus parked at the beach road with some tables around functioning as a cocktail bar actually a good idea and full with guests every night until around midnight closing time for most bars is around 2 AM. Right below this text here is the famous nightlife on "Walking Street" looking in a north direction. 

This is the main reason why most tourist come to Pattaya to enjoy a unrestricted nightlife. Some do it with the Thai girls other with men or maybe with both.
Pattaya Walking Street Food