Pattaya Restaurants

Pattaya Restaurants Food courts and Street Gourmets

Pattaya is on the front of the Gulf of Thailand more precise in Chonburi Province south east of Bangkok and a couple of decades ago this was a village built by fishermen so no wonder that today the most popular food comes from the ocean they bring in every day fresh from there

Plus another source are the fish-farms it's somehow similar to the south sea pearl farming which is done around Phuket Island. Also the Myanmar's started the successful pearl farm business with Japanese help about 10 years ago (today is 2018).

Pattaya Restaurant on the water

Although prices made a steep transformation upwards in the last two decades. Actually they were pushed upwards by the tourists and still rising with the Chinese invasion since they are fish and crustaceans lover. If anyone want something special have a look at the market near to the IT market there is plenty of fresh good stuff such ass turtles and similar Thailand has a long tradition in exotic food.