Phuket Bus Terminal

Phuket Bus Terminal to all Thailand.

A pleasant bus drive to everywhere in Thailand through the tropical jungle plus south of Myanmar (needs ship ferry) and to Malaysia and Singapore (road). The alternative is take the airplane which usually costs 3 to 4 times as much but is faster naturally. Ferries only are to the islands all other goes over roads which have bee destroyed from the heavy traffic and load.

Phuket Bus Terminal.

Bus from Phuket for Bangkok Hat Yai Chiang Mai Pattaya and more. Most buses bound for the capital and further on start from 4 pm to 6 pm. This are the well-known "Double Decker" with about 50 passengers and more all seated. The long haul coaches make a good and comfortable ride over four-lane highways. Only the surfaces of this highway is mostly rotten and since several years (today 2019) there is no repair and road maintenance.  Thais are not very keen to repair anything there is also not much knowledge available how to maintain roads since technical education is very limited, they just dont know how to do. 

Phuket to Krabi MotorbikeIt takes the coaches around 10 hours to reach Bangkok via Chumphon an alternative route is via Khao Lak and Ranong which takes 3 hours more both routes are almost Baht 700,- one way. This price is about half what the Airlines charge for a 90 minutes flight to Bangkok. Since there is no public transport to the airport in Phuket and Bangkok it takes another over one thousand Baht for the taxis combined on both ends.

Only Hat Yai has 2 bigger terminals and about half a dozen smaller, there is absolute no cooperation between any of them. That's the Thai Way, everyone works against each other and nobody cooperates. But all like one thing and this are the "farang" because they are an easier pray to cheat than the local. Be aware that in Thailand a foreigner is considered as a moving ATM machine on two legs.

With a minibus via Krabi this stretch in south Thailand is an easy drive. Big and small coaches are leaving for Phuket almost every half hour. These are either big buses or vans. The best are the medium sized which start in Hat Yai opposite the Tesco Lotus mall and arrive at Phuket at the terminal 2 starting at both ends from 6 am until 9 pm.

Price is about Baht 400,- one way and travel time is up to 10 hours. The worst are the very big buses because they stop continuously. The best are the medium sized units since they only take about 7 hour and won’t stop often. Southwards bound is good organized because they didn't do it the usual chaotic way which means the made one terminal where buses leave and arrive.

The picture of the Phuket bus terminal for the Krabi Hat Yai and Bangkok bus is below from here also coaches for Satun, Ranong, Khao Lak even Pattaya and Koh Samui plus Chiang Mai is served.

Similar coaches travel from Krabi to Bangkok.

 Hat Yai is the hub for southern Thailand travel including Phuket and there are several bus terminals for long distance and for local. But as usual there is chaos means main traffic from Hat Yai to the north such as to Krabi, Phuket, and Bangkok can leave from various stations and small travel agents who have a minibus or van parked in front of the office.
The main bus terminal in Hat Yai also has vans available which are faster but they never are on time and on top of it they always circle in the city until they are crammed packed which easily can take more than an hour which finally means they win on the highway they lose in the city which is an irrational behavior.