Phuket Day Tours

Phuket Day Tours

Our day tour boat moves slowly from the pier on Phuket's east coast in southern Thailand.

In the Phang Nga Bay area they usually grow on mangroves stalactite limestone boulders of the islands. We are not out to make a movie but some video clips and photos.

Phuket Day Tours

Phuket Day Tour

Making Phuket Day Tours >.

The eight-cylinder diesel which once a truck drove howls and we start the tour rushing quickly along the mangrove forests through the canal to reach open water.

The kayaks to paddle into the caves of the islands are stowed on top of the cabin. Roy goes through the tides table again we have to be back at the pier approximately by 3 pm otherwise we will get stranded in the channel. From the hazy air the mighty bizarre-molded stalactites materialize, they somehow shape Phang Nga Bay. Somewhere left in the fog lays "James Bond" island one of the James Bond films was partially made here.

This can be a very private Phuket Tour since it is no problem to take the road off the island towards Krabi and turn into the Phang Nga Visitor center right behind the Phunga Hotel.

That is an a all 4 lane road travel and the road it not bad but very dangerous since the curves are rather unusual it just needs to drive slowly. Take a longtail boat at the Phang Nga Visitor center and don't forget earplugs since all engines are unmuffled local creations and they are awful noisy and there is no other choice the drivers are already deaf. 

It needs hard negotiations for the price otherwise they pull you badly "over the table" don't pay more than one thousand Baht for about 3 hours and tell the driver were you want to go which is usually "James Bond Island" Ko Panyi and around. Make sure the guy also visits a "Hong" which is a island cave where the top fell down due to erosion this are great places to visit.

The Waterworld in the bay is magnificent it's very similar to "Halong Bay" in Vietnam but not as overcrowded.

Another interesting tour is a Phuket Town walk

The Phuket Town walk is good for daytime and the evening/night. During the day the attractive spots are around Dibuk Street with a few Sino - Portuguese old-style villas which expressively show the rich cultural heritage created by "Chinese Tin Barons" starting in the 17th century. 

Unfortunately, the current people have no more interest in heritage they just destroyed one of the  Sino-Portuguese old-style villas the other day and several more are on the destruction list. Actually the one destroyed was almost the most attractive between Southern Thailand and Penang. Phuket and Penang have a very similar history because of the English and Chinese tin mines of the past.

Almost all other constructions are ugly contemporary Thai style Baroque. A few Chinese Temples are around and some wooden teak structures which were popular until the century. The picture left shows the Chino/Portuguese style villa which was demolished isn't that a shame?

A very popular Tour is from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands >.

This is the boat / ship ride from the Phuket Rasada Pier to Phi-Phi Islands and can take around 3 hours with the big ferry. With a speed boat it takes about two hours when trying to do this on a Phuket day trip use the fast boat because otherwise it is difficult to come back the same day. 

The reason is the ferries never go streight  to Phi-Phi island they always include a couple of other destination to pass such as Maya Bay and because there are plenty of other tourists around it can take quite a while so the best is to plan at least one night stay in Phi-Phi check the hotels here.