Phuket Food Court

Phuket Thailand Food Courts

When shopping in a larger supermarket or mall in Phuket and elsewhere in Thailand its very likely people also eats there. The gastronomy chains in Thailand all have their restaurants there and the success story is even better via the food courts.

The idea is to have a little refreshment such as snacks and drinks so that shopper remain strong as they walk through the long corridors of the shopping malls. 

Phuket Food-court

If you don't want to run around and waste your time its easy to order almost all food either from the kitchen around the corner (they cook it and put it into a box for take away which is very common) or order it from the food store here. Also Thai Street food could be an alternative.

Phuket has several interesting restaurants and some of them remind to the Chinese heritage which means in every shopping mall in Phuket food courts sell Chinese food beside of the usual Thai specialties. To my opinion the most interesting Chinese Restaurant is on the top floor of the Pearl Hotel featuring a pretty view over Phuket Town and excellent food. The Pearl Hotel has also the biggest Thai Style massage parlor where pretty Thai ladies give the guys a happy ending.

  • The hungry shopper

The hungry shopper can put the food at the court together by walking along the small eateries and take what they like. 

The system is with a prepaid card where every kitchen has a card reader where the charge is deducted and the cashier at the entrance returns the remaining change. Since almost all dishes are less than two dollars people can eat a lot of fresh food.

There are no food trucks yet but it will come for sure because in Thailand everything is usually about 10 - 20 years behind and the latest stuff is normally imported. Food plays a completely different role via the centers today than it was ten years ago because people are very busy with it which brings new opportunities for everyone. 

Buying something can be roughly categorized into local made and imported where the last is again divided into ASEAN and Chinese made plus all other. 

  • Non food and imported means high taxes. 

Non food and imported means high taxes.and because of this it is not very interesting since for most goods there is a local copy although the quality is usually not very good but since prices are low people don't expect a lot.