Phuket KTV Girls

Phuket Sexy KTV Girls

The idea is the bar girls have fun and make money and the even better news is everyone likes it and that happens day and night. Now every year millions of men from all over the world come to Thailand for girls fun holiday and they cant be wrong this is what people call democracy (means majority rule). 

Phuket Girls

Young women like dancing and the audience have a good time to watch them, if one of the guys like a particular bar girl he sends her some flower garlands for Baht 200,- upwards and she will have a look for him maybe some speed dating can be worked out not only in the night.

People might ask themselves how much are the pretty girls for one night the answer is from about Baht 1500,- upwards it much depends if the "chemistry" is compatible. 

Pink Lady Chamois Cafe and Nightclub.

The Pink Lady Chamois in Phuket Town is pictured below and more KTV girls are available inside. Actually they have the most pretty girls in the nightlife business on the island.

Pink Lady Cafe in Phuket Town
Most young women are pretty and willing to play some naughty games that's exactly what the guys want it won't automatically lead to a horizontal position, they also do it manually and they like it. Yes both of them, the men because they get what they want in the club and women because they earn money only people from the middle ages or with religious brain blockade don't understand this anyway those are discontinued lines they just don't know it.

Karaoke KTV Girls

The Phuket Girls Karaoke

The video below show very good why most men choose Phuket as a holiday / vacation / retirement destination.

Pretty Thai ladies in the nightlife scene 

Love is in the air and elsewhere when entering a nightclub, bar or massage shop in Thailand because girls for entertainment are plenty in most clubs. 

The women know how to do it just the right way to make the guys happy, the result, every year millions of men from all over the year come, have a look und probably something more. The supportive environment are often karaoke bars and nightclub, here are pictures of ladyboys & bar girls this is not only in 2018 because music and beer is universal every time everywhere. Naturally if you only want some massage with a happy ending there are also many places to go for sexy holiday in Thailand.

Where to go for Thailand massage? 

Get a easy one under the table this is a rather common activity so don't think too much but make a price before.

In Phuket Town get a soapy massage and other versions in the 

Thai girls at night

Have a look for exotic Thai women 

Different ethnic groups came to formerly Siam over the centuries and many settled there. The result is a lot of very interesting pretty combinations in particular from India and China is a continuous migration to the country. The latest wave of foreign women come from Russia, Ukraine etc. 

Like sexy things? Try this from Phuket.

The ladies are not alone there are also other trying to get a share of the nightlife cake. Ladyboys and women are sometimes not possible to keep apart, they look similar and many of them work as dancer they are the spices in every show. Beautiful women from the northern "hill tribes", the Chiang Mai area and all the way down south are working in the night shift. Maybe you wont believe it but they are searching for "Farang white knight".

Many bar girls move to Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya during the tourist season. Among other the complexion is a big issue and all women try very hard to get or have a white complexion. This issue is nurturing a cosmetic industry which try to sell them all kind of skin whitener. As long as those are from a respectable, usually foreign company, not much negative will happen, but sometimes some local companies brew together some special mixtures and the ladies have a real skin care problem afterwards the club girls come in all hues. 

Phuket Bar Girls (1)Phuket Bar Girls

Phuket Girly Bars.

When you have a closer look at them you will see that many have undergone some plastic surgery especially the noses are usually corrected or renewed via implants this is very popular and they really believe it makes them more interesting. Here you will find dozens of pictures of cuties in a natural environment nothing is staged set up or manipulated. 

Phuket Nightlife.

We show photos of Phuket nightlife girls also in sexy swimwear including  videos. Almost all of them in the videos are beautiful young Asian nightlife ladies pictures Most have a very positive attitude, in particular if they can see that you have a good stocked wallet, since they are almost all quite materialistic minded, money will be considered a "very nice" asset. All this is almost similar everywhere on the globe but difficult to understand because most people in Europe, US and elsewhere are somehow psychotically blocked when it comes to sex oriented issues. 

Phuket nightlife

On top of it they are focused on the stuff they hear in their media over there which as usual have no much experience what they are talking about in terms of pretty girls in the nightlife etc. Much of what you hear about the women and nightlife in the "western media" is spread from people who actually don't know anything first hand. They heard something in the TV media or internet and think now they are the specialists. Actually they don't know anything at all but how to tell a fool that he/she is a fool ? its quite difficult. 

Interesting is that more and more guys from Balkan countries such as Slovenia, Serbia and the former Soviet Union come to Thailand and go shopping for girls there are also a lot from today Germany most drunken guys around are from the UK an Australia i guess this people must have a genetically mutation towards excessive beer drinking.   

Meeting beautiful girls not only in the night is part of the story when you visit the country. For years it has been known as a place for the guys to experience some fun, explore some you play me - I play you games and share memories with some of the world's most attractive women. Trying to have a close encounter with some of them it would be useful to know at least some basic language since most of them wont speak English. While language is not necessary in initially meeting theme it is important for the stuff after doing phone contacts plus having some fun time. You don't need to be a master of the language, you just need to know some basics when you browse clubs and bars.

Some more pretty Thailand girls from Phuket Town

Here are plenty of more Phuket Girls from the town and Patong

Sexy Thai Bar Girls. 

They have often nothing against speed dating its also quite easy since naturally Asian culture is different to western style this also applies for dating or attempts to do some dating.  

Thai girls like some fun and respect so put this in consideration when you start something, if you are not on the run for dating have a look for a sexy show with some pretty dancer. Naturally what they also like very much is money, the more attractive a women is, the more money is required, they know their value very well. If you have a unstoppable desire to give some present give her some money, its not very wise to give any present above about 500 baht value since this will end up in the pawn shop after some days. 

If you are shy to start on your own various Thai dating services are available acting as matchmaking but the easiest are always bars and clubs. But be very careful there are a lot of crooks in this business who only want your money and play bad games with you. A typical bad game, but very common is that a guy help you to find a nice one and actually its very often his girlfriend or even his wife and they milk you like a cow, also be careful with ladyboys because money disappears lightning fast when they are around. 

I would say the best and the most honest is go in one of the nightclub or bars, lets say at Patpong in Bangkok or maybe Bangla Road in Phuket -you can find the same in Chiang Mai, Pattaya and elsewhere- and spend some money. This way you know exactly what's going on and there wont be a negative surprise. There are always a lot of beautiful positive thinking women around. The girls in the video are from the Buddy Cafe in Phuket nightlife and they are very positive to see you, no yoke. Go and get the airplane, its just as simple.

Thailand a Go-Go Girls

This pretty nightlife ladies are the dream of many men visiting Thailand. Their idea is to find a real pretty one who "nose" them through the night and more. Many bars in the nightlife spots have some young ladies doing that in Thailand they also call them sexy coyote dancer or just move to Patong Beach Bangla Road and have a great night. 

Friday night in Phuket Town with tight costumes is not much to hide, in many places all this is transparent to give a good idea what’s underneath. They dance local hip-hop and other which often bang through over tuned and broken loud speaker which are continuously turned to top level which breaks them and also the ears of the people who work there. Unfortunately they don’t understand the context and are deaf after some years working, but what does it matter? It’s “Sanook” and brings money that’s the game, nobody thinks about tomorrow. 

Go-go dancer in Patong Tiger Bar 

Just have a look at the pictures, isn't that virtually watering you mouth or something else? Although because of the advancement in all ways of life there are still some beauties which haven't grown fat yet. 

But most women are becoming fat sugar dumplings in Thailand it is even more visible since they also are not tall. They are exactly what the guys who come for holiday are looking for. Are you one of them? If yes you made a good choice now the great sexy adventure begins.

They move around in their glittering boots for up to around $ 100,- a pair, the light bounces back on their bodies including laser and LED’s. 
No need to travel from Phuket to Bangkok for nightlife.