Phuket Nightlife

Phuket Nightlife

Phuket Nightlife with beer bar and nightclub girls who take you on a ride and most of the time you don't know where you end up. 

This is somehow hot stuff but also it can hurt mainly in the head the next day. But it needs to be careful since in resent times it becomes dangerous in Phuket and Pattaya's nightlife where many bar girls and even more lady-boys drop some liquid into your drink to make the tourist unconscious and strip you afterwards of any valuables. 

Phuket Town Nightlife in the City Center

Phuket Nightlife red light district
Thai nightclub girls (1)

When you are in the water use the foot protection too because there are corals with sharp edges and a bad cut can ruin your holiday. Buy it at home (or for outdoor here) before you leave all this is difficult to find in Thailand especially in the right sizes. This is not very relevant on the nightlife subject but it makes sense to think about it before it happen.
Go-Go bars, coyote dancing, cafe's with beautiful exotic karaoke singer and other KTV where they help you singing and drinking. If you like the pretty babes make it for you under the table it's all a matter of the money you are willing to spend on your nightlife adventure trip.

phuket nightlife at soi crocodile in Patong Beach

There is also something going on in the gay direction since this island in south Thailand has the 3rd largest gay and lesbian community in Thailand, after Bangkok and Pattaya and probably the best environment for great holidays.

There is something for everyone and very important don't believe anything of the negative nonsense you here in the media in the so called "western world" they don't know, so they do bla-bla. What happen on the island is the result of Thailand's top destinations in terms of beach, food and fun. Here the action after the sun disappears is very similar to Bangkok and Pattaya although the two are a bit bigger. You can find the right spots by browsing this website. 

Number one nightlife spot is Patong

With plenty of young Thai women who come to Phuket Island from all corners of the country for some "hit and run". 

Or maybe to pull over a "farang" this is the western type of tourists. There is also plenty of things to do on the gay side with bars and nightclubs. All is mega but relatively low priced means fun for everyone e.g. beers at the open air bars is about $ 4,- a small bottle no entrance or cover charges are asked. 
open air restaurant at Patong Beach

Here is Thai food you can order from home no joke!!

You are quite safe in Patong if anything negative happen get the police in they have a large booth at the beach side end of the     main road which is "Bangla Road".

Nightclub and bar girls 

They are a vital part of the scene creating the atmosphere and mood usually is in form of some sexy entertainment starting with some visual pleasure. They simply do what you want and you pay for it. This is the procedure in Thai clubs, bars and lounges.

To find all this just use the airplane or bus from Bangkok to Phuket or any other place. Use a rented car, scooter or small motorbike, I also have already seen foreigner who do the trip within the country by bicycle which is extremely dangerous since there are almost no rules on the road. 

  • Best to do? go shopping  in Phuket be convinced by good quality and low prices safe and quick.