Piaggio Beverly 350 vs Yamaha X Max 400

Piaggio Beverly 350 vs. Yamaha X-Max 400. 

Two of the most popular scooters over 300 cc in Thailand in the duel: Will the rather hard Japanese or the fashion-conscious Italian be better? At some point of a scooter life the question arises: The old 125 cc still drive on buy a new 125 er or change to a bigger scooter? 

A new mid-range scooter with real suspension and even better performance than for example the ever-popular Vespa GTS? 

From the outside the Yamaha (left) and the Piaggio do not have much in common. We want to help the reader to make the decision more easier and have compared two hot but somehow different machines against each other: the spacey Yamaha X-Max 400 and the elegant Piaggio Beverly 350. To make it short: Both have won nobody has lost. Because, and that is the beauty of the uninhibited-motorized mobility: It ultimately depends on gut feeling - and on what you value. If you do not prefere one or the other design right from the start you will not be happy in retrospect. But of course, both scooters not only have strengths, but also a few weaknesses. They then iron it out again with a fat plus in another area. But in a row ... gianluca wallisch The Yamaha has a G'schau like Darth Vader, the Piaggio, however, always smiling friendly ... The Design One does not believe how many motorcycles - and especially scooters - bought primarily for optical reasons (for example, I was forbidden to buy anything other than a white Vespa GTS, which was fine with me anyway). Any technical defects are compensated by merciless use of hardness. The Yamaha is unmistakably part of the category of futuristic scooters under whose skin one may suspect some Transformer entity. Suddenly, the side panels flip to the left and right and become heavily armed arms and hands, down muscular legs grow out, the seat becomes a bullet-proof tank. 

The face of the Yahama X-Max looks already in the scooter condition like Darth Vader. It's me, your father! Aggressive, determined, invulnerable. The Piaggio will rather cast a spell over those drivers who are attached to the Baroque. The shapes of this scooter are flowing, harmonious ... Italian. The only thing that pops up is the bench and the only thing that folds out is the transport hook for the shopping bags. If the Vespa did not exist in the scooter world, the Beverly would probably be the classic design icon. So: make your choice! gianluca wallisch The Yamaha (left) houses two full-face helmets (if they are not exactly the size XXL) and other small items. With the Piaggio > see the piaggio video you have to place two jet helmets very carefully, if you want to get the lid closed. How convenient are they? Design is only the one thing, the others are in the scooter world the practical qualities - and both of them have enough queens of the rush hour, but in different priorities. As for the "trunk": 

The Yamaha is unbeatable. Point. Under the seat two full-face helmets have space (if they do not have size XXL, please try out locally), also a bag with a cell phone or tablet or something flat. The Beverly clearly has the disadvantage here. Only with clever finishing you get two jet helmets size L and M pure. Helmet? None. This is of course a functional disadvantage - on the other hand, the question may be allowed: Who drives in the city already habitually on the scooter ALWAYS with full face helmet? Is the open face helmet not always the common (albeit inferior) protection device for the head? Here, the Japanese then prevails against the Italian - but with an aesthetically hard to accept aspect: The rear of the Yamaha - this huge helmet compartment owed - rather bulky advised. Very powerful even. And the bench is also a lot wider, which can lead to problems with traction in the stand for riders with shorter legs. gianluca wallisch Analog and digital, interpreted twice differently. On the left the Beverly, on the right the X-Max, which has numerous sub-menus. Performance Both scooters have more than enough power: 24.5 kW (~ 33.31 hp, Yamaha) and 22.2 kW
(~ 30.2 hp, Piaggio) are enough to destroy everyone and everyone, not just at the start of the traffic lights who does not just serve a decent electric motor, but also, when it comes to the urban highway at 100 km / h still very fast to change the track. Naturally piaggio is not the only scooter in Thailand there are many other such as Honda. Yahaha and even BMW currently (2019) 

piaggio 350 scooterElectric scooter. 

BMW is offering the only electric scooter in Thailand with reasonable power and speed. There are a couple of Chinese made units but that's more or less a variation of bicycles.