Railay Beach and Ao Nang

Railay Beach at Ao Nang in Krabi 

The  Railay Waterfront has probably one of the most spectacular beaches in southern Thailand it is divided into east and west. The little problem is there is no road access it needs to hire a boat at Ao Nang to move around a big limestone cliff. 

Railay beach west

How to travel there is not a problem since the road from Phuket to Krabi has got the extension into a four-lane highway finished in 2017. Now its a smooth and fast ride with the bus or car and motorbike from Phuket via Phang Nga to Krabi Town. Intending to move further south to Trang Hat Yai and Malaysia? 

Just turn left before entering Krabi City where the bypass road to Trang starts. When driving straight a few minutes later you will see the road sign pointing to the right towards Ao Phra Nang that’s it. To reach the place it's sometimes a little confusing since the different road signs pointing in different directions. 

Railay Beach at Ao Nang

In Thailand nobody cooperates much with other so everyone is “cooking his own soup” means finally you might end up at a wrong spot. Anyway, somehow you will end up at Ao Nang where there are hotels and beach resorts. Along the waterfront are plenty of shops owned by Indian people plus restaurants the ferry from Phuket also lands here.

Railay is a marvelous place with plenty of accommodation right at the waterfront, there are no villas or seafront villages but some budget hotels with cottages. On the islands are some low priced hotels and beach resorts. The high-end lodges are mostly in the north of Ao Nang

When driving around (rent a scooter or motorbike in the vicinity of the hotel they cheat less) be careful because everyone tells a different direction the local people usually have no knowledge about their environment. Just keep on going towards the water and you probably will end up there. If you come with the ferry from Phi Phi Islands you will end up directly at Phra Nang Bay. 

The Railay seafront can’t be accessed from the land side because it is surrounded by limestone cliffs, just take a long tail boat at the Ao Nang waterfront where the road ends; it’s about 200 - 300 baht for a round trip. The boatman will show you the west and east side if you want to stop just tell. It’s a really beautiful and spectacular tropical beach environment with lush green scenery and warm emerald colored waters. You could do some snorkeling, swimming and watch the great sunsets over the Andaman Sea.

Islands of the Andaman Sea 

Off the coast are several islands with towering limestone cliffs and attractive white sands. For a great beach scenery its notable "chicken island" the name is because the limestone formation on the island looks like a gigantic chicken around are marvelous white beaches in front of spectacular limestone cliffs just like in movies.

On the way from Phuket to the south is an interesting spot in the mangrove forest behind Phang Nga about half way to Ao Nang with several prehistoric limestone caves. Surrealistic formed limestone outcrops are almost everywhere in Thailand with hidden caves deep inside. Thailand is one of the best destinations for caving because the hills of the country are almost totally made from limestone which is a soft material.