Sailing Phuket

Phuket sailing trips.

When it gets cold on the northern half of the globe its time to pack and move who likes all this wet cold weather which just make the people depressive? 

Its time to charter a yacht in Thailand say hello to the sun and do your Phuket sailing vacation (if you have enough money). 
Or if you are a more sophisticated sailing enthusiast come to Phuket in the first week of December for the Kings Cup Regatta, the premier sailing event in Asia. Or just do a enjoyable pleasure trip to be back home by Monday or maybe just a Phuket Day Trip.
Phuket Sailing Regatta

The Kings Cup Regatta starts at around 7 am at Kata Beach and is one of the mayor Phuket attraction. It was always dominated by Australians but in the last few years Russians made strong advances.

Phuket sailing

  • Phuket sailing attractions

Among the major attractions on Phuket Island is the Kings Cup Regatta in December off Kata Beach on the west coast. It could also be a good idea to touch down on the island and have a wet tour booked which means someone will pick you up the Phuket or Krabi Airport and your turn starts if you dont have much time and / or you are not familiar with this part of the Indian Ocean it might be the best tour anyway. Just think about the weather on the BBC weather planing map to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

  • Sailing Phuket

An attractive holiday for a few days or maybe just a long weekend is renting a sail yacht either bare  or wet and float in the Phang Nga Bay. Actually most boat tours have this as destination since Phang Nga Province is the Andaman Sea Area around Phuket Island with destinations such as "James Bond Island" and other spots in south Thailand. If you are straight forward water bound get the sail boat as far north as possible so there is no need to move further into the island which prevents wasting time between Chinese tour buses and Russian tourists who overwhelmed the island in the last 2 years (today 2018) unfortunately Phuket becomes similar to Bangkok and Pattaya and I guess nobody really likes that.

  • Phuket boat trip

A interesting and not expensive short term version boat trip could be with a long-tail boat from the gypsy waterfront at south Phuket Rawai Beach. If your demand is not so much focused on the water and more on a white palm beach a top alternative would be Khanom as a destination in Nakhon Si Thammarat. 

Arriving by plane / train or bus via Nakhon Si Thamarat or Surat Thani however the whole environment is much easier but also more beautiful than in Phuket. Only long-tail boats are available as water transport here however Ko Samui and Ko Phangan is only 30 km from the place and several ferries which also carry cars and motorbikes go back and forward every day.

  • Phuket sail tours Phang Nga Bay
The Phang Nga Bay is the main destination for boat-trips in the islands vicinity since the tour can be started in the morning and being back in the late afternoon.  

There is no white Christmas in Thailand, they have this in the neighboring Myanmar or Burma mountains. In Thailand they are strong with beaches emerald waters and the Islands of the Andaman Sea which one of the best outdoor destinations on planet earth. Phuket and Thailand plus Myanmar sailing is the right area for an unforgettable cruise without problems and no danger. We already have enough mad people and pirates running around so why to go on a unsafe place for holidays. 

Touch down at Phuket airport for a great Thailand sailing trip and do a yacht charter either wet or dry and explore the island world of the Andaman Sea and if you want a special kick on your sailing adventure trip get the sailboat or ship to Ranong Thailand and cross to Kawthaung in southern Myanmar. Do the formalities and move into the Mergui or Myeik Archipelago. No problem to find a mooring on most of these islands, at Phuket several marinas offer a safe place throughout the year.

Enjoy similar sights and life as during English colonial times nothing has changes there only the former Victoria Point is now Kawthaung and the former Mergui is now Myeik. A sailing trip into the Myanmar / Thailand island world is a journey of a lifetime.

You could get on a sailing live-aboard trip out of Phuket e.g to the Similan Islands which is a small archipelago around 100 km north of the island off Khao Lak. Thailand island vacation are the best way to enjoy the beauty and exotic nature of the islands around Phuket in southern Thailand just charter a yacht and sail away, either wet or dry its just as you wish.
I see many sail boats in the Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Trang area. No problem with pirates and other unpleasant encounters like just a few hours away off the coast of Indonesia. The area around Phuket, between the islands of Phang Nga Bay, in the Trang Archipelago and all the way down to the Tarutao Archipelago were almost specially made for sailing vacations.

This great sailing environment also brings several regattas to southern Thailand, probably the most know is the Kings Cup Regatta started at Phuket.

Almost all Thailand islands in that area are within some kilometers of each other. Means you leave one island on your yacht, sailboat or catamaran, you can already see the other island on the horizon. 

Thai islands in this part of the Andaman Sea are plenty on which you can anchor during your Phuket and southern Thailand sailing vacation.
A sailing vacation around Phuket island is not just about sailing; its about discovering a different lifestyle. Its sailing, snorkeling, scuba-diving, sunbathing on pristine beaches, fishing and say hello to the fish.

Phuket and Thailand sailing promises great travel and holidays. Probably the best is to do wet sailing charters to be on the save side on your sailing course. Its always good to have a skipper who knows the waters. And who cooks on board on your Thailand sailing trips, aside of the fact that there shouldn't be any problem to reach a restaurant every evening, maybe also for some nightlife. 

The Andaman Sea around Phuket

Has many marvelous spots in the Indian Ocean around. Phi Phi Island is a particular spot, got famous after shooting the movie, "The Beach" with Leonardo die Caprio, now the Phi Phi Islands are always crowded throughout the year. 

In particular with young people and even more particular with Japanese ladies who want to visit the places where their idol Leonardo was doing his job.

The islands in the Trang Archipelago south of Phuket are also quite popular for sailing vacations. These islands are either empty or inhabited by Thai Sea Gypsies for whom boating is a way of life. Actually there is no other mode of transport anyway. 

People also throng other islands of the Andaman Sea like the Similan Islands and Surin Islands north of Phuket. Coral Island, close to Phuket and in the very south of Thailand the islands of the Tarutao Archipelago but they are far off in the south west bordering Malaysia.

Cruising in south Thailand 

Phuket cruising at Yacht Haven Marina

Phuket is the right destination to start a unforgettable cruise into the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Trang and the Andaman islands along the west coast of Thailand starting with the Similan archipelago about 100 km north of Phuket and another 100 km north the Surin Archipelago plus another 100 km north is the border to Myanmar or Burma at Ranong and Kawthaung. At the Myanmar side opens up another exotic island world to explore by Phuket sailing, the Myeik or Mergui Archipelago the ultimate yacht cruising and scuba diving destination. 

There are several possibilities for Phuket charter, first dry or wet charter and second a sailing yacht charter or a motor yacht, since all sail boats and yachts today have a motor anyway so its not so much different. There is also cruising catamaran and trimaran plus cruising sailboat and sailing Phuket, the yachts for charter usually which can sleep up to a dozen or even more passengers. Phuket sailing and charter almost always means excellent boats and yachts, a great service and breathtaking panoramas. Several Phuket marinas with plenty of boats for charter makes it very easy to find the right base for your dream cruise in Thailand. 

The most beautiful panoramas at a Phuket cruise are for sure in the Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Trang area with real magical panoramas. Several famous movies had this area as backdrop. 

Cruising around the spectacular islands of Phang Nga Bay and southwards opens a view of a surrealistic limestone water world with spectacular stone formations popping out from the water. On your Phuket cruising trip you will pass “James Bond Island” where parts of the movie “the man with the golden colt” were shot and further south is are the Phi Phi Islands where they made the movie “the Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio. The area has dozens of sea caves and hidden lagoons to be explored by a Kayak, which usually the Phuket sailing yacht has on board. It has a real adventure component to move into the sea caves called “hong” in Thai which simply means space.

The are countless of great southern Thailand beaches where you will be absolutely alone, there is no one elsewhere. Jump into the clear emerald waters and move through the picturesque rock formations, it has a paradise touch. There are plenty of scenic cruise spots with long stretch of sandy beach where you just lay down on the beach and wait until sunset. 
If you want to have it more stable just book one of the great island beach resorts at Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Krabi or Trang. Almost everywhere are Phuket speedboats available moving you quickly around between the islands of this part of the Andaman Sea.