Similan Island Boat & Diving Tour Thailand

Similan Island Day Tour in the National Marine Park 

The archipelago is one of the best Marine national parks in Thailand with attractive dive grounds because since the variety of animals and species is overwhelming.  

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Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea is approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Phuket. The Marine National Park is a clean sometimes not so clean environment due to the laziness of National Park Headquarter employees. 

The pristine environment is full of beauty above and under the water surface a top spot for scuba diving on this planet. On Ko Miang - island no. 4 - is a camping ground and some local style bungalows. But don't count on this it's better to stay overnight in Khao Lak and book a day tour through the hotel. If you do this on your own you will fall into the hand of some Mafia groups and they really strip you off your money. 

Similan Island Tour 

Similan Islands Thailand

Diving and other live aboard trips  are available for several days but also “day trips” which can be booked at any hotel and travel agent in Phuket and Khao Lak pictures are below. 

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Most trips start by boat from Tap Lamu pier (very easy to reach via coastal highway No. 4). You can book all tours either from Pure Car Rent or any other tour company in Phuket Town. The reason why we indicate Pure is they are reliable you can also hire motorbikes and cars there and you won't be getting cheated or fall prey to one of the well know scam.
similan island day tour
Unfortunately the place is totally neglected by the Marin National Park People who play the whole day with their mobile phones at the office on the pier instead of maintaining and protecting the place and afterwards, as usual in Thailand they make the foreigners responsible for everything negative happen.

The archipelago is one of the best dive areas worldwide the variety of animals and species is overwhelming but the local people just try to squeeze the tourists and destroy a lot.

Scuba diving Similan Islands

Scuba Diving Similan Islands

Booking can be done at the travel agent indicated below which is right at the pier. Come there between 7-8 am because after, all are gone. For live aboard tour & diving go to a bigger travel agent anywhere around there and book your trip. 

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Prices can vary from around US$100 to over US$3000 for a few days liveaboard scuba diving, depending on your demands. For a start asks at Met Sine Travel at the pier they do booking for speedboats and accommodations on island No.4.Tel: 076 443276, 443340 fax 595164, you can use also most other agents.

Avoid the Thailand National Park HQ before the pier, this is a disaster zone, extremely infested with mosquitoes and nobody works, they all hang on their mobile phone and want to get rid of any customer as quick as possible.

Thailand Islands and coasts

Some countries around the Andaman Sea such as Myanmar, Malaysia and India have been under British colonial rules as “east India”. Today only some fishing boats and dive supply vessels are around at the Lam Ru Pier.
similans fishing boats

This great natural environment at several archipelagos which is the Similans Surin 
Ko Tarutao further south and the Myeik or Mergui archipelago in Myanmar to the north is one of the very few places on earth still preserving some kind of pristine environment, see the whale sharks, he is sleeping, maybe got too much Chang beer. 

The name Andaman

It probably come from the Indian monkey god "Hanuman" and indicates the other countries bordering this part of the Indian Ocean. The islands are still an awesome area on planet earth, including the Indian part with still having hundreds endemic species. There are pretty sea snakes, lizards plus salt water crocodiles (in the Indian part) and other species which have not been categorized and documented yet.

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Currently (2018) they closed some islands for visiting there have been too many people around in recent years especially after the Russian and Chinese "Tsunami" came over Thailand. The underwater area is most interesting every year thousands of tourists come for scuba diving, usually via live-aboard. 

More and more people from Bangladesh are
migrating to the islands the so called “boat people” process to get away from their totally overpopulated country. The indigenous inhabitants are the Salone (Myanmar) and Moken (Thailand) which are the same. The people are living from fishing, caching small animals such as wild pigs and do some pearl diving which is less now because of pearl farming.

Great island vacation

swimming on Similan Island

Looking for a great place to go on island and scuba diving vacation? There is little that beats the Similans.

People love the area around Khao Lak with summer weather year round, great sunshine, clear emerald waters and wonderful seafronts. Khao Lak and the islands are like a postcard shot and there is no population on the islands except on the main one, which is No.4 is a small Thai style bungalow cluster. It’s somehow like a Robinson experience. 

Another Andaman Sea playground is the Surin archipelago, about 100 km further north there is a colony of sea gypsies and there are accommodations every day a ship leaves from the pier for the islands. There is a road sign to the Surin pier and it needs to be there before 8 am. If you need 

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Many vacationers and people searching for retirement destinations looking for the best island beaches in Thailand and other places in the world they finally move to Khao Lak and take one day trips into the ocean excursions are offered every day. There are so many great ways to enjoy your vacation around this part of the country, the possibilities are endless. So if you are looking for a great way to visit the beautiful and exotic destinations during your vacations that's the right destination.

In the Mergui or Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar are more than 800 pristine islands where no one set the foot on since British colonial times, this is all north of the equator. The seas have been explored by the Portuguese colonialists and probably hundreds of years before by Arab and Indian seafarer. Phuket Island was even already mentioned by Claudius Ptolemy as Junk Ceylon in 157 AD.

The Tsunami disaster

When the Tsunami hit the Thailand islands and the coast luckily only a few people where there because most tourists had breakfast at the beach hotels on the cost and there the dead count was well over 3000. Everything was badly damaged by the Thailand Tsunami.
This actually was an undersea earthquake which struck western Indonesia in the morning of the 26.Dec. 2004 and was the trigger. The resulting Tsunami smashed into the west coast of Thailand and other countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Much was destroyed and thousands of people lost their life, it was the worst natures disaster in this area’s history. Most of the infrastructure, the buildings, the hotels and beach resorts has quickly been restored in a quick recovery.
Similan Island beaches

As it is visible above the problems are the local people (National Park Employees) who completely neglect their job since they are paid to keep the place clean. They say this is rubbish from foreigners which is just another one of the usual lies. It only needs to look what kind of junk is is laying around the one here is only used by local people.

What about Camping?

The islands would be a perfect campsite but nobody in the National Park Administration in Bangkok would take responsibility because imagine what happen if anything happen? Although there are some local style bungalows on island number 8 they always reserve them for their friends. It is also difficult to pay through the network of friendly business and how and where to hand over the money. Thailand still has a feudal structure and favoritism so better not to attract attention.

On the other hand many private entrepreneur would be able to handle this but they are not allowed because they immediately would start illegal activities to squeeze the money out so they don't do it altogether. There are no clear regulations and almost nobody follows any rules to avoid arising problems they don't do anything at all. The authorities try to focus the tourists on a few places among them is Phuket and Pattaya.