Songkhla Day Trip

Songkhla Day Tour.

A day tour through Thailand's deep south means from Songkhla and Hat Yai southwards to the Malaysian border. Although Hat Yai is the larger city Songkhla is the capital of the province. Many beaches are interesting outdoor destinations with plenty to do and see.

Songkhla is dominated by farm and fishing communities and rubber (latex) planting a very huge mosque - picture below -is in between.  An ancient stone axe around three thousand years old was found at Ban Phli Khwai Sathing Phra. This and other artifacts give a glimpse into this very early times the early settlers might have moved from caves into the fertile plains around. 

A ancient bronze drum or Dong Son was found in Chana. In the first and second centuries  some communities of Hindu traders and fisherman emerged on the Sathing Phra peninsular, this peninsular was basically a agriculture area and transformed into a port after.

In the sixth century Indian traders brought Buddhism into the area. In the seventh century Sathing Phra was already an international harbor and administrative center for the area. In the second half of the seventeen century Chinese took the lead in commerce activities.

Some Songkhla museums.

Some Songkhla museums give a idea what happen in the past a lot of old items of various kind are on display. The main exhibition is in the Songkhla National Museum the place is in an old Chinese mansion and offers insights into the past beside of folk art and old Chinese ceramics plus Buddhist and Hindu objects are on exhibition. 

A interesting visit is into the Thaksin Khadi Sueksa Institute (a view over Songkhla from the institute is below). Songkhla is a fishing port since ancient times and has recently become the center of the offshore gas business