Songkran Water Festival in Thailand.

Water war has begun and that is Thailand's Songkran New Year festival and it is celebrated in Thailand excessively. That promises a lot of fun but there are also serious dangers which made me angry today. 

Patong at SongkranToday I went to my preferred restaurant for lunch and it was difficult to get through although I used the scooter not to be stuck in the traffic no what make me angry was the restaurant owner which put her 3 year old baby in a small plastic container and filled it up with colored water. On the table in front the little one she placed a "Ghettoblaster" and turned it up to the top it must have been like torture for the baby and I told her to turn it lower she was just laughing.  
Songkran is here! the wild mix of traditional Thai New Year family celebration and water battle reaches its peak this year from Feb 13 to Sunday 15.. At first everything is cleaned from the smallest Buddha figure to the whole house. Over the course of the day, it turns into a fun event where everyone can get wet, with the help of bowls tubes, water pistols or whatever.

The holidays are celebrated annually in April in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia such as Myanmar and Cambodia In the hottest time of the year the cooling splashes comes just right. Even tourists are the target of the water attacks: danger threatens in the next few days next to Bangkok in popular holiday regions such as Phuket and Pattaya plus Chiang Mai and everywhere else in Thailand where Songkran is the most importantfestival of the year.

Danger does not just mean getting wet. Not for nothing is the week around the New Year Festival with experts also called the "Seven Days of Death". When half of Thailand is on the street to visit family and friends, and a good deal is eaten and drunk, there are even more traffic accidents than there are anyway. The Southeast Asian country is one of the countries with particularly high accident rates. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the risk of accidents is even higher in Libya.

Already on Thursday, 39 people were killed in traffic accidents across the country. Despite safety campaigns in advance and speed checks and alcohol tests on the streets were 461 more people injured, the authorities said. Drunk driving was the most common cause of the accidents. More than 80 percent of the incidents involved motorcycles, the Department of Disaster Risk Management said.

In the meantime, police are resorting to unusual means of hunting for traffic offenders: a video contest. Together with a newspaper, several videos were awarded for real accidents that motorists had taken with cameras installed on the dashboard. The winner got the equivalent of about 520 euros for a video that showed the collision of a motorist with a motorcycle at the end of March. The man who had committed an escape from the accident could be arrested with the help of the video.

Every year, many participants complain that they have been groped during the festivities. In a survey by the Thai Foundation for Progressive Women and Men Movement, more than half of women surveyed said they had been sexually molested during New Year's Day.

A government official's advice came up against criticism: "It can help women dress appropriately, do not dress too sexy or be alone (on the road)," said the director of the local government agency, Suthipong Chulcharoen. "I realize that it's a personal right of people to wear what they like, but this is not the West, the locals are not used to such sexy clothes."

"To tell women that they should dress appropriately is not the right solution," says Jaree Srisawat of the Foundation. "According to our surveys, women who covered themselves were still groping, and even a 60-year-old woman said she had been petted everywhere," Jaree says. "Thai society is still patriarchal, it will take a long time to change that attitude, but at least the government needs to better protect women."