Surat Thani

Surat Thani Day Tours

Surat Thani in south Thailand actually the province is better known for the islands such as Ko Samui Phangan Kho Tao and other the coast and islands are blessed with countless dream beaches just like stepping out from a movie a typical is at Khanom.

Surat Thani

The first impression when arriving with the bus or any other transportation is:  The people in Surat Thani Town are extremely intrusive even for Thai relations but bring no customer-oriented results. The primary goal is to somehow cheat away the tourist's money.

Surat Thani province is situated close to Krabi & Phuket and Trang including Ko Samui and Ko Phangan plus Koh Tao and many other islands (the word for island in Thai language is Ko or Koh) and archipelagos such as the Ang Thong Islands. If you are on Ko Samui check the Monkey College its an interesting day tour for old and young.

The province is the largest one in Southern Thailand and is used by many travelers as a way through to Ko Samui and Koh Phangan via the Don Sak Pier in the south of Surat Thani Town already at the border to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The best time to visit the place is between February and September.

travel in Surat Thani

Travel in south Thailand

You can rent a car from below $ 30,- or a 125 cc scooter for 7,- / day upwards they also have bigger ones and full grown motorbikes (needs negotiation)

If you intend to do that take a good travel accident insurance since on the roads is anarchy, there are no rules and everyone does what he or she just wants. E.g. common with women is they mount a small TV above the steering wheel and watch video during driving. Kids are driving cars and scooters and cause horrible accidents this is also visible in other southeast Asian countries often it needs a guide.

on the road in south Thailand

If you draw a line from Surat Thani on the coast to the gulf of Thailand westward to the Andaman-Sea at the height of Khao-Lak it marks approximately the lower south Thailand. That includes Phuket and Krabi.
hat-yai nightlife
The deep south of Thailand actually starts from Songkhla / Hai-Yai. Only in the deep south the problems with the Islamic terror starts before it is totally quiet and no bombs explore and no insurgency happen. The only places in the deep south of Thailand with an substantial nightlife are Hat-Yai and Danok.

The coconut monkey video. 

The coconut monkey video shown below is a typical one with a scene of southern Thailand which can be seen frequently at many places. Thai people have trained monkeys to plug the coconuts down from the palm-trees it looks somehow interesting but is for sure no fun for the monkeys

A Hong 

Limestone hills in Thailand are plenty like crossed with holes in "Emmentaler cheese". Many spectacular offshore tourist attractions in form caves are added that are "hong", which means cave in Thai language

However "hong nam" also defines the toilet and in our case a partial opening at the top because the ceiling has fallen down due to erosion and thus opened upwards.

On the road in Surat Thani
  • Best to do? go shopping  be convinced by good quality and low prices safe and quick.