Tak Thailand

Tak City and driving to Mae Sot Thailand. 

Tak City province & Mae Sot is connecting north south & east west of Thailand by roads. Since bus travel is a very important low priced business in Thailand Tak has some importance to connect Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

Connecting Thailand with Myanmar (Burma) and Sukhothai and Phitsanulok to the north-east and further up.

Tak Thailand Mountains

However the really interesting spots are found in the vicinity, the landscape around where there is tropical mountain jungle with small rivers including waterfalls and limestone caves

Myanmar Cars  waiting at Thai border crossingHere are beautiful scenes to drive through and because of the topology Thailand is very accident prone here in particular with the huge buses involved because people don't know how to brake with the engine and brakes are often not maintained. 

This is one of the reasons why Thailand is every year topping the list woad accidents with the worst road accidents in the world and the again the worst place related to road accidents is the Tak Province and other.

Trucks waiting in front of Friendship Bridge at Myanmar Thailand border.

Border trade between Thailand & Myanmar 

Trucks are waiting in front of the Friendship Bridge at the Myanmar Thailand border. This is one of the border trade hot spots between the two countries the two other are Mae Hong Son and other crossings north of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai also better known under the name "Golden Triangle".

jJade border trade between Thailand and MyanmarJade border trade between Thailand and Myanmar (1)

Many trucks bring consumer goods made in Thailand into Myanmar and on the way back its often raw jade rocks they are carrying. Myanmar makes several billions of $ in income from selling jade and rubies plus other precious stones. Most jade sells via China and rubies plus sapphires through Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

  • Cars and buses plus the notorious Toyota vans.

Cars and buses plus the notorious Toyota van's are used somehow like the ox-cart 200 years ago it means every week several dead passengers.   Anyway the province highlights are Mae Sot and the gemstone markets plus the spectacular waterfalls when driving south to Umphang