Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

Ko Tarutao Archipelago.

Located in Thailand ´s deep south off the south west coast in the emerald water of the Andaman Sea. There are only some small bungalow cluster on Ko Tarutao the bigger one is controlled by the National Park Authority in Bangkok and is even less than lousy.

How to travel to Ko Tarutao? The gateway to Tarutao and the other islands is Ban Pak Bara at the end of highway 4052 in Satun province southern Thailand. But in general dont get off the ship there just stay on the ferry to Ko Adang and Ko Lipe.

Ko Tarutao beach

Why I suggest this at the Park HQ on Ko Tarutao they have a tourist village which is rotten and dirty and the employees of this place are really rotten to the bone by corruption this are state employees they can do whatever they want nobody controls them so you should avoid this place there is everything in a nutshell whats wrong in Thailand.

Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

The highway is a branch of 404 and 416 coming down from Trang.  Ko Tarutao is about 1 hour with the ship from Pak Bara. The ferry stops first at Ko Tarutao and proceeds to Ko Lipe afterwards. The passengers for and from the main Tarutao Island board a long tail boat about 300 meter offshore the island. (Ko or Koh just means island in Thai language).

There are daily buses from Phuket and other cities in southern Thailand such as Hat Yai to Satun and from there take a taxi or minibus to the pier at Pak Bara. The Tarutao archipelago is a remote tropical island world and the best way to pamper yourself and just let your feet dangle into the water. A remote getaway just like countless people are dreaming from.

The place reminds somehow at Joseph Conrad's novels and Siamese White the book by Maurice Collis when the Brtish were still around here.

About 100 km behind Trang city is the turn to Satun province and the Ko Tarutao National Marine Park at the end of this road at Pak Bara the gateway to the islands. There is also a shorter coastal road from Trang to Pak Bara a little bit further west. Now everything is set to leave the coast for Ko Tarutao and Ko Lipe. At Pak Bara pier the ship departs every day at 1.30 pm. During high season one more ship is operating but only in the morning around 10 am. 

At the Pak Bara jetty one can also find a small ship leaving for Langkawi Island in Malaysia and from there a ferry service to Penang and to the Malaysian coast is available. There is no car ferry to Langkawi except from Penang Georgetown

How to travel from Thailand via the road to Malaysia and to Kuala Lumpur you can find here.

Always and everywhere: the Andaman Sea.

And again and again these island views! Almost everyone who lives here in the bamboo huts and other wooden houses has a clear view of sunrises and sunsets and on the water anyway. The sea is always and everywhere in front.

Sand water beaches and wind are around all time.