Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food

Thai street food is diverse mostly spicy and sometimes not very hygienic prepared the dishes and their ingredients from Massaman Curry to Sea Food and other such as delicious pork to eat in Thailand.

Thai street food
Thai cuisine is characterized by the fact that it is rather made quick and is easy low on carbohydrates and mostly very fresh. "The vegetables are only sauteed for a short time and not overcooked usually sweet sour spicy and salty is also very interesting". Thai food quickly made inroads into the "western world" because it is tasty light and quickly to prepare.

Thai food in Khanom Nakhon Sri Thammarat >.

Why are Thais constantly eating?  How to judge a street food vendor?
Chinese food in Hat Yai with interesting and exotic flavor served at the plaza in front of the tallest hotel of the city and more.

Thailand's open air food shops 

The Thai food shops sometimes produce dishes that later make their way into the rest of the world, western dishes are not often seen on a roadside in Thailand. But another version of BBQ street foot is available along the streets of the outskirts of Bangkok this are BBQ rats and people eat a lot of them.

Thai street food fast with eggs
What is the real problem when eating this small animals? and what makes the people sick? The real danger comes from the pesticides the rats have eaten before and often they are not heated properly so they people eating them get infections via the rats.  

It's somehow similar to the bugs and grasshoppers shown below they are also overwhelmed by the pesticides.

Thai street food soup counter
The quickest and tastiest way to get rid of your kilos are instant noodles from Thailand prepared with hot water a good idea could be to cut some fresh vegetable put them into the water and let the fresh vegetables together with the pasta for a few minutes in the hot water.

Insect Snacks.

The problem is that this insects are virtual poison bomb since they received plenty of insecticides during their life and this part of it is stored in their body you want to get this into your body by eating it?

Below are grasshopper and beetles plus maggots and other snacks for sale at Bangkok's Nana Plaza.
Fast food and snacks in Thailand

Typical snacks are insects & beetles (see picture above) BBQ'ed rats and dogs among Chinese. Although almost all Thai are Chinese anyway since their origination is in Yunnan province together with the today's Shan from Myanmar.

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In Thailand Street Food is part of the culture.

The traditional Thai cuisine consisted mainly of baking or stewing - before Chinese migrant workers emigrated to Southeast Asia at the end of the 18th century. Deep-fried traditional Chinese dishes formed a new street food culture and influenced Thai cuisine. 

The Thai food has constantly reinvented itself through constant symbioses of centuries-old East Asian and diverse modern Western ingredients, spices and cooking techniques. Whats going on with Thai street foot in 2019? Plenty of ideas since elections are coming.

This has been celebrated for decades in the food stalls of Bangkok. Little by little, street food supplanted the culture of family cooking at home: Street food today has a special significance in the everyday life of the Thai people. People come together, tell each other news and legends. In fact the menu also contains insects - a delicacy for the Thai people. According to estimates by the World Food Organization (FAO), about two billion people worldwide regularly eat insects today. 

Originally the idea originated in northeastern Thailand where in one of the poorest regions of the country insects for lack of alternatives found their way into the cooking pots. Later it was recognized that insects are both very rich in protein and healthy. Meanwhile, they enjoy great popularity - and not only in Thailand. 

instant noodles to lose weight quick

When you are on holiday in Thailand it makes sense to buy an electric hot water boiler which are available in every big supermarket for about Euro 10,- / entry level microwave are around Euro 50,- and buy fresh and cleaned food in a supermarket such s TESCO LOTUS and cook it on your own. Almost every bigger supermarket also has a food court where the usual Thai Street Food is available for about Euro 1,50 includes some rice.

Thai street food with soup and curry

Spicy and not - Thai food in Phuket 

The restaurant scene follows the diversity of the tourists who visit Phuket island and the other touristic places almost everything imaginable is available in fried boiled and BBQ style an in between

Actually, when you are here you won't have a problem to eat every day different style food over two weeks. That is of traditional Thai and Asian style to cosmopolitan choices plus fast food such as McDonalds and KFC and plenty more. Many restaurants are catering to the "farang" means the western type and also Japanese but be careful since that is usual much more expensive than local and usually below standard. The problem starts with beef and pork which is rarely good it is almost always tough and often quite difficult at all. Although there are some high-end supermarkets which get the meat from Australia and New Zealand but to import it is only half way done.

If someone wants it top notch it needs to visit one of the restaurants in the high-end hotels. Also keep in mind the volume of Thai dishes is always very small means if you are hungry or not a child it needs 2 or portions and that brings more money into the "chef's" pocket. 

A good alternative to all of this are "food courts" either open air seafood at Patong or smaller ones in the malls which are around Phuket Town and also on the west coast. Naturally, seafood is very popular in Phuket simply because the Andaman Sea is just in front. It needs to get this correct because most seafood sold in Phuket is raised in ponds in many places on the island. 
seafood in a Phuket food-court

But this also has some negative stuff to think about because most of the people who do this are amateurs who really saw it somewhere and seen something elsewhere means a Thai automatically becomes a specialist in (they think) via copy. Now one of the worst things is they offload too many antibiotics for profit pushing but usually done know when enough is enough. They never really study all this stuff it's only doing by copying it but that is not enough.

Traditional Asian Dishes

Traditional Thai Dishes Rice and Noodle based plus fruit shakes are available at "every second corner". Tasty dishes you can find while working yourself through the Phuket food chain. This are the usual noodle and rice dishes in fried, boiled and whatever form. They normally come with chicken or pork and are very popular because it's cheap and quite tasty. Noodles and rice are the usual "basement" served with vegetables and often a curry or chili paste. They often mix other things into the dish which the foreigner is not really able to identify which makes it useful to keep an eye on the hot / spicy side. Some variants of pineapples and nuts plus exotic spices are also popular and found mixed into the cooking's to enhance the taste. 

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