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The trip to Umphang near the border of Thailand and Myanmar starts at Bangkok's Mor Chit Bus Station and needs a overnight stay maybe in the "Porn Thep Hotel" in Mae Sot and the next day its a roller coaster ride up and down steep valleys and ever winding roads. Another popular outdoor destination is Kanchanaburi.

Outdoor Trip Activities

Outdoor rafting in brown water  is a popular adventure action in Thailand  not much physical to do and having a goof time  with plenty of fun. Outdoor adventure in Thailand often blends with caving and boating plus especially in the southern archipelagos (e.g. Trang Krabi and Ko Tarutao)  Island Hopping  is known as "soft adventure trips. Many hotels and resorts support biking and have simple bikes available including motor-bikes.  Quad Tours  and Elephant Trekking are available too and very popular with children but not cheap at all, this days nothing is available below about Baht 1000.- / person. But on the other hand you dont have the possibility to ride on an elephant every day.

In Kanchanaburi is the spectacular Erawan Waterfall one of the best destinations for a Bangkok Day Trip.

 mobilphone and telelens

Making the journey into the wilderness from Mae Sot to the south (about 6 hours) is a roller coaster ride to the south along the border to Myanmar up and down steep valleys and ever winding roads.

See it better with a mobilphone and a telelense.

Everything for perfect outdoor photos is here.The best is to get to the Mor Chit bus terminal in Bangkok and take a bus to Mae Sot from there take a van for Umphang cost all together about Baht 1000,- one way with the bus.

Umphang outdoor photos.

It needs to stay overnight in Mae Sot try the "Pornthep Hotel" for about Baht 400,- right in downtown.

In general don't take a bus / van which runs into the night there are just too many accidents and be with small and light travel gear which is quite cheap available > 

There is no problem changing the buses come and leave from the same terminal about every hour in Tak. To Mor Chit better be before 8 am (take the BTS / taxi) there are also direct big buses to Mae Sot from there but no need because all coaches from Bangkok to Chiang Mai stop at Tak and it is easy to switch there. 

Everything for outdoor trips.

Outdoor survival and camping tools. When you are on this outdoor trip try to get some suitable clothing first and especially shoes why I mention this? Many adventure minded people go on the trail with slipper and wont keep in mind that it can get cold very quick have a look here for outdoor clothing.

Umphang Thailand

To stay overnight anywhere try the booking icon above that's the best available.

It would make sense to rent a scooter in Bangkok and do the trek in the wilderness on your own but be aware it is extremely dangerous to drive in Thailand because everyone thinks he / she is the only driver in the universe and wont care about other traffic rules are not much interesting actually not know. That makes Thailand the worst road travel accidents countries after Zimbabwe and Libya. 

Actually when touring Umphang the wildlife sanctuary should be on your short list. Many people mistake the area around with Sangkhlaburi which  in Kannchanaburi Province southeast from here.

But there are no roads linking which needs a 600 km detour via Tak and Mae Sot just check the Umphang Thailand.

Actually Its time to get the perfect camera for outdoors.

In the last 2 years some new tele-lens cameras came to market with  allowing to make photos with zoom lenses and a very long tele lens before those were extremely expensive today this extrem tele-lenses are availlable for about 10% of the prices they were 2 years ago and allow breathtaking close up photos. 

We included a range of brand new Kodak cameras here and think its time to get them before prices are rising again. Because what could be better for a enthusiastic photographer beside an excellent long-lens camera.   

This popular Thailand outdoor and camping grounds are in a district in Tak province south of Mae Sot / Myawaddy a rough terrain with hills and bamboo forests plus ever winding roads some caves separated by big and small streams and small animal wildlife. 

The first beautiful waterfall when coming down from Mae Sot is the Namtok Pha Charoen and the area around was proclaimed a national park on November 8, 1994, covering a total area of approximately 855 square km and having plenty of water but naturally no beach.

Around the border of Myanmar and Umphang in Thailand were the Karen live is this great bird and wildlife refuge. The ideal place for outdoor activities in Thailand with camping and canoeing. Not to forget kayaking & rafting in Thailand around rivers waterfalls and soft adventure.

The area is still quite untouched because the last skirmishes on the Myanmar side did not happen so long ago. Although it is total peaceful on the Thai side some Karen groups still fight with the regular Myanmar army about upcoming things they don't like in the moment (2018). 

Along the road Myanmar people try to sell street food but better not to touch it there would be stomach problems coming up.

Currently, they can't agree how to blackmail the traveler and trucks between the boarrder and Yangon. The regular army has many roadblocks and on each everyone passing must pay to them the problem is also several Karen groups want to "milk" the traveler. Before it was politics now it's materialistic.

This is a limestone waterfall originating from the flow of a creek into the lake before cascading down 97 levels. It runs all year round and is most beautiful towards the end of the rainy season (about December).

Almost all tourists (most are Thai) come to this area south of Mae Sot for rafting and trekking plus sightseeing and maybe elephant rides or just enjoy the untouched nature. Sometimes there is a shortage of cash at the money changers/banks so take some cash with you. 

The Namtok Pha Charoen is an interesting place in the jungle with terraced paddy fields around plus banana groves and fruit plantations growing around the Karen refugee villages/camps on the way down from Mae Sot.

Tee Lor Su Waterfall at Umphang
Namtok Pha Charoen Waterfall

Almost all people in the tourist business are Myanmar's since they speak some English. Almost every Thai is profiting  by financing through the EU taxpayer. Actually now in 2018 the Thai government want to send the Karen back to Myanmar which won't be so easy because there is nothing on the Myanmar side to support a living and with the not so clever visa restrictions of the Myanmar government also tourists won't appear. The Myanmar's don't learn anything because the fact is without opening the border no tourists will come to bring money into the region.

Here is the Tee Lor Su & Namtok Pha Charoen Waterfall

A few Karen refugee villages are around such as "Mae La" from where a lot of them found a new home in the USA. 

The second falls are the Tee Lor Su cascades (up left), that’s a cluster of several streams pouring their wet load down, it is very close to the Myanmar border, the small village closely with has around 3,000 inhabitants, mainly Karen, Mon, and Thais.  

Luckily the different fractions of the Karen people stopped fighting each other in 2017 so let's hope this will last for a while. Finally, they got the message that the British were lying to them when they promised them a new state when helping to fight the Burmese. That was like so many promises just cheating and blah blah as usual.

The way south is a roller coaster ride, up and down steep valleys and ever winding roads, pictured below is a Karen refugee village at about half distance from. A perfect place for trekking and rafting in the hilly tropical jungle. Rafting on the jungle streams and visiting one of the biggest waterfalls in Asia plus the wildlife sanctuary. This is an ideal destination for holidays and to switch off the upper region to free mind and spirit try it via Thailand outdoor,

  • Thailand Camping.

This information here will help you to avoid some painful experiences and better enjoy your first few trips to become used to great outdoors and camping. A good idea would be, visit an outdoor shop and have a look at what kind of camping equipment and camping gear are on display, there is usually also somebody you can ask. After this basic orientation makes a checklist.

  • Most important items to get before you leave home:
That is a camping hammock with mosquito net a good light and a large hat. Actually, this is nothing specific to Thailand or Myanmar since the mosquito net is self-explaining and the lamp too a larger hat is useful because in the forest all kind of insects is lurking, you don't want to have them on your body I suppose. For this, a cap is not enough when the evening is approaching long pants and a shirt with long sleeves won't hurt either.

Relative to your trip you need different camping equipment so it makes sense to do a little upfront planning. This way you will also quickly be able to separate things which are critical to your trip and maybe drop other gear which cost money but are not really needed.

  • Get familiar with your camping gear before you leave.
If you have bought new equipment such as a new tent lights cooking and other gears try them out before you start your camping trip. Imagine trying to set up your new tent when it gets dark. This is basically also advisable for any new stuff you buy, try it out when you still have time to go shopping tomorrow and ask.

  • Set up your tent before dark.
At least at this first day make sure to arrive at the campsite early enough to have enough daylight to set up your tent and other equipment. This will keep trouble away and keep in mind that in the forest it gets dark much earlier. 

Many waterfalls

 Outdoor Gear
No much climbing possibilities are around if you like that better try Krabi although the limestones are naturally the same. In any case, if you like to explore a bit more take a guide keep in mind people of this region are very poor so you could get them some money with respect. If you like to go fishing but the fishes from the region have lots of bones so better eat chicken.

After rather flat and hilly a green surrounding at the village limestone formations with spectacular beauty surrounds us, in silence, we glide downstream, the rapids are cutting the brown water after every bend new surprises.

The cold stream full of sediment drives the raft beside rapids and waves. Steep limestone walls, sharp bends, and a waterfall from time to time are a challenge for our guides.

Best Umphang tours are elephant rides through the hills passing Karen refugee villages along the river and visiting waterfalls.  Unfortunately, the prices for elephant rides in Thailand are continuously rising.

  • Elephant rides

Here is the other version of Thailand tourism

No beaches only wild green nature for all kind of adventure trips, trekking, hiking, rafting, caving and other outdoor activities, ask the outdoor expert for more.

Located south of Mae Sot in the mountain jungle of the border area to Myanmar / Burma. Probably one of the best outdoor destination in Thailand but it is very difficult to reach since some self-declared "environmentalists" blocked the forestry department in Bangkok to extend the road from Kamphaeng Phet near Nakhon Sawan. This is what the local people told me that means an almost 500 km detour which naturally most people try to avoid the road down to the place is simply dangerous.  

The thing is more tourists would bring more money into the region and the local people would have a better living now some misguided naive "greenies" block their fellow countrymen to have a better living. This is an ideal green adventure destination. 

  • Best to do? go shopping  be convinced by good quality and low prices plus delivery safe and quick.
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