Three Pagoda Pass

Three Pagoda Pass in Kanchanaburi

The three pagoda pass connects Thailand with Myanmar in Kanchanaburi province west of Bangkok and is still closed for foreigners on the Burmese side (2017).

Kanchanaburi is a "green" province with lots of spectacular rivers and  waterfalls plus hidden caves in the forest forest dam's and reservoirs plus great outdoors. 

Thailand Myanmar Border crossing at Three Pagoda Pass Along and close to the road to the three pagoda pass are some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Thailand, one of them is the Erawan Waterfall.

Three Pagoda Pass

Near three pagoda pass
The three Pagoda Pass was for hundreds of years the virtual door where the Burmese came in bringing the war to Thailand. 

Therefore is a politically very sensitive place and if something happens (from time to time both armies exchanged fire until the turn of the millennium which in recent time had always something to do with hostilities between the regular Burmese army and the Karen rebels).
Three Pagoda Pass

For tourists, nature lover, bird watcher and travelers the area around the three or 3 Pagoda Pass on the border from Thailand to Myanmar in the west of Kanchanaburi province is a real attraction. The ideal place for mountain biking, rafting, fishing, play golf, jungle trekking and floating on bamboo rafts brings close encounter with nature adventure travel and Thailand outdoors.