West Thailand

Green Outdoor Travel in West Thailand

The west and north of Thailand is the preferred "green destination" in the former Siam. No beaches around but plenty of rivers with gigantic waterfalls embedded in bamboo and leaf-tree limestone hills with jungle thickets which are somehow like a natural Disneyland.  
  •       Hua Hin  is the seaside residence of the King of Thailand connected to the capital Bangkok with an 8 lane motorway a train station and an airport.

  •       Kanchanaburi is the province west of Bangkok and bordering Myanmar the former Burma. With Bamboo jungle around large reservoirs to generate electricity and is also used as the weekend escape for the crowd from Thailand's urban metropolis offering interesting daytours and spectacular panoramas. Here is the famous "Three Pagoda Pass" where the Burmese armies of the past invaded and looted Thailand over centuries a situation somehow similar as it was between France and Germany long time ago. 
  •       Erawan Waterfall
  •       River Kwai Bridge
  •       Three Pagoda Pass
  •       Umphang
  •       Mae Sot - Myawaddy