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This harbor city in southern Thailand serves mainly two purposes first its home of Thailand's second biggest fishing fleet after Songkhla in the southeast and second the starting point for the visa run from Phuket Hua Hin and Koh Samui to Kawthaung.
Ranong Harbor and Fishing Trawler
Ranong Thailand

In general a rather remote tourist destinations in the south and the least populated area in the country, this has something to do with the weather, means rain. Right behind the coast are the blue mountains and the clouds coming in from the Indian Ocean empty their water on them and the coastal region. At the narrow stretch between the hills and the seafront is an extensive fish and shrimp farming industry.

Shrimp and Fish farming in south Thailand
Shrimp and Fish farming in south Thailand
Ranong is the biggest Thai harbor on the west coast and the harboring a fleet of fishing vessels which supplies the catch per overnight trip with refrigeration trucks to Bangkok. The other business is the "visa run" and the people who like gambling at the Myanmar side where a Thai has set up a casino on a island just in front of Kawthaung, the harbor.
Live aboard yacht in the Andaman Sea
Live aboard yacht in the Andaman Sea

Yachts on liveaboard tours 

When they start at Phuket have to call at this port to handle paperwork for diving tours into the Myeik Archipelago around 300 km further north.