Tsunami Thailand Phuket Khao Lak and Pictures

Tsunami Thailand Phuket Khao Lak and Pictures

This tidal wave mostly hit Phuket Khao Lak and the coasts of the countries bordering the Andaman Sea and the islands around.

It was such a immense disaster and costs thousands of life's that Thai people try to get rid of it by avoiding any talk about it. Getting rid of any books in any bookstore where the word is visible. This is a typical local way trying to solve a disaster by not talking about it. I asked several book chains in the country why they don't have any books on the Tsunami, almost with all of them it finally came out that there is a certain code of silence, means don't talk about it, it might disappear then automatically. Of course it wont but superstitious believes never fade away.

Tsunami in Thailand Phuket Khao Lak plus Pictures

The pictures here show what kind of natural disaster happen in southern Thailand, they tell more than words. On the island, Patong beach was hit worst but at Khao Lak it was even much worst because several big hotels with thousands of people have been built just at the waterfront and the monster wave hit when they tourists took breakfast and destroyed all of them. 

Several hotels there were destroyed and this flood crashed into the land for about 100 m up to where the hills start, see more at the pics, they tell more as anyone can imagine or write since it is usually beyond imagination. 

We didn't include most photos of victims it simply is not good to show this, its unbelievable, the body are blown up from inside and the skin looks like burnt, most have only some scratches. This disaster was such an awful incident its difficult to put into words.

After the catastrophe, the struggle between the local people in Phuket, Phang Nga,Takuapa and Ranong province and so called "influential" people who tried immediately after the disaster to claim the coastal land belongs to them in the hope that the real owner died in the disaster and their predecessors cant show evidence to own this land since there are no deeds of lands in that area. This is going purely in the tradition, we stayed there, we own it. But this is possible to get rid of it by paying bribes at the right places. It is really unbelievable how the dark side of human surface after such disasters. 

The Tsunami catastrophe at Khao Lak

The south Thailand Tsunami wave washed away many resort and the aftermath looked real grim. Since the disaster happen every year anniversaries are held to commemorate the damage, the death toll and the still missing from the disaster.

In our website you can find hundreds of photos of victims and survivors plus some recovery and relief. It is difficult to get reasonable statistics since even until 2011 thousands of Tsunami victims were not identifies, some have been kept in freezer containers north of Phuket airport. I don't know what happen they just have put a a blanket of silence over it and try to forget it.

But there is one real positive message, the local and international aid was overwhelming and the damages were all repaired within a year, this was a hercules task considering the huge damages done.

Overcoming the Tsunami disaster

The tidal wave was, by far, the worst event to have hit Thailand in the last 200 years. While mourning the loss of lives and other damage and devastation. 

The Thai government was one of the first to fully pledge and make concerted efforts with government associations and the private sector for a rapid recovery for the tourism market. 

Phuket is one of Thailand's world renowned top tourist destinations and the place worst hit was Patong. At Khao Lak it was even worst, in particular the victim count. The waterfront in Khao Lak which had been directly hit by the waves but within the first three months after, was ready to welcome back visitors. 

Fear and superstition did dampen the arrival of tourists to the provinces affected by the Tsunami Thailand, for Thais and Asians, but by the end of the year, international arrivals started to pick up and Thais and other returned for the commemoration ceremony to be held on the first anniversary of the event.

How a vacation of intoxicating blend of sight

Sound and scenes turned into disaster via the flood or - every paradise has its snakes. This kind of “snake” was an over dimensioned anaconda.

After an exhaustive day, I was sleeping soundly, lost somewhere between the moon and Phuket. Sometimes after dawn my sleep was interrupted because I felt the bed moving a bit, what was wrong, maybe to much wining and dining last night ? While trying to get my head clear I also noticed the water in the bottle on the night desk swapping back and forward. Since I experienced quite a similar situation many years ago in a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey I was quite sure to experience an earthquake, but since the whole was over within seconds I just turned and kept on sleeping.

Some time later this morning a sound woke me up, like strong guts of wind and storm raging outside maybe a typhoon, tornado or what ? 

The sound grew stronger and stronger, abruptly and immediately water seeped into the room, increasing its volume lightning fast until it engulfed the whole area. It was so fierce and forceful I couldn’t open the doors or windows, I was caught inside a hell of water.

Am I going to be buried in the water grave, were this my last moments? Now a big bang, the door and windows broke open and the water disappeared leaving only some wet dirt behind, it looked like the big wave moved on and the pressure from outside disappeared. Thank good or whoever, I was saved at last, I took a deep breath and tried to get body and soul together. I rushed out of the house just to stumble back, rack and ruin, the disaster and devastation was somehow unthinkable. Dead bodies with partly blue color were around, two guys came sliding down the palm- tree another one had embraced a palm tree and came through. Most of the people were gone, washed away to somewhere by the Tsunami.