Why are Thai people constantly eating?

Why are Thai constantly eating? 

Because the servings are usually small to encourage a second one and make some more profit. Just follow the money it's always related to.

The problem in recent years is (today is 2016) that the Thai / Snack industry make the people fat and ugly. I have never seen so many extremely fat people running around in Thailand as now. 

Eg. Thais love to snack and street food range from fresh fruits to deep-fried food everywhere and every time people . The food is easy to find actually virtual on every second corner.  When there are some people around someone will put chairs and a table on the street and "here we go".
Street Food Markets in Bangkok 
Food Photos

I see every day "pick ups" roaming the streets having several chairs loaded on the back and when they see a couple of people idling they stop unload the "street food restaurant" and start cooking.  Everywhere an abundance and variety of food which is the same in most ASEAN countries either here is an interesting street food example in Bangkok Thailand.

Most food is good and tasty but I got my share stomach pains after eating the stuff which makes me very careful to select food from stalls and roadside stands for hygienic basics. Of course, it is not possible to look into the whole which is offered from the street vendors but there are some indications to make a decision.