Windsurfing in Thailand

Wind and Kite-surfing in Thailand. 

Wind and Kite-surfing in Thailand gained a strong momentum in the last few years since that are ideal water-sports for the ASEAN countries on top of it Thai people find water-sports attractive and fashionable

All you need to successfully start windsurfing is here.

Wind-surfing in Thailand. 

Even if Thailand is not known as a particular wind and kite-surfing destination it is rather the environment that attracts water-sports fans to the country. The country has plenty of warm tropical waters around such as the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand plus attractive low cost of living and an uncomplicated lifestyle that extends to the female as well. 

All this and more are the main attractions to move to this Asean Country between Malaysia Laos and Myanmar. It applies both in the sports sector and into a classic retirement destination. After the usual vacationing countries in Europe made an expensive price jump after the introduction of the Euro it is only natural to look for new horizons.

Thailand is a ideal destination with a relaxed lifestyle and become a popular place to enjoy life and escape the EU's politics. Here money is worth twice as much and three times as valuable as it is in Europe and other "western" countries. So if someone is an sport enthusiast pack up your gear and move east its time to try wind and kite-surfing in Thailand or maybe enjoy retirement in the "country of smile".